May 31, 2015: Last Real Day in Spain

This is it.  Basically we are done in Spain as of today.  Technically we are still around tomorrow but it is purely a technicality.  We are dealing with Rachel’s package tomorrow and heading off to Norway tomorrow night.  The house will already be “empty” and for all intents and purposes we are not really living there tomorrow.  Today is our final, real day.

Dominica got to work this morning on packing up the house and spent the entire day doing that.  Liesl put in a bit of time helping her as well.  Thankfully, as we live out of suitcases, there is only so much packing to do as it all has to fit into the suitcases.  And there is no “being selective” because everything has to go.  This makes it slightly easier.  But it is still a ton of work.

I did a lot writing today and SGL is pretty much caught up.  I did a bunch of writing elsewhere as well.

I played a bit of Tropico 4 today.  Dominica played a little while taking breaks from all of the packing.

We tried to stay up late tonight because we have an odd schedule tomorrow and need to be up super late.  So around one this morning Dominica and I went to bed and watched two episodes of The Love Boat before actually going to sleep.

Dominica has to be up around eleven tomorrow so that she can go on a hunt with Mike for the postman.  I am going to attempt to sleep until around three in the afternoon so that I have plenty of rest before we have to drive to Malaga at three in the morning.  I get no sleep tomorrow night so this is going to be really rough.