July 12, 2015: The EuroSummit on Greece

It’s Sunday and the theme of the day is the Greece financial disaster in Europe.  This started before I got up this morning and lasted all day.  So pretty much the entire day was spent closely watching the news to see what the latest status on that situation was.

This morning Sarah made French toast for everyone.  I had very few plans today.  I did a little SGL catchup but very little.  Most of my day was split between watching the situation in Europe and attempting to play Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars which, by the end of the day, I was listed as being 39% of the way through.

I am really fortunate that playing Broken Sword now, after all of these years, and playing the HD remake on the Mac rather than the original on the Nintendo DS (the same version that Dominica played side by side with me), that I really remember almost nothing about the game and am truly playing the entire thing essentially “for the first time.”  It all feels very new.  I don’t believe that there was any voice acting on the Nintendo DS handheld version either and the graphics and controls were decently different, so this really, truly is a new experience.  Once in a while something that I do will feel familiar, but by and large it does not.

We both (Dominica and I) played all of the way through the original Broken Sword but there was a glitch on the DS version that we had so we sadly got to the end and could not finish the game.  That really sucked.   That was a lot of gameplay time to have that happen.  So now I am playing it all again so that I can get the full experience.  And now I own all five titles in the series so I get to really see where the adventure goes once I complete this one.

Jeff and I spent a lot of the day discussing the situation in Europe.  Several hours, in fact.

I ended up staying up until around two in the morning attempting to keep up with the reports coming from the EuroSummit.  It was kind of an exciting evening.  Jeff spent the day playing The Witcher 3 in 3D on the PC, which was pretty cool.  Josh is still playing Fallout: New Vegas on the 360.  Sarah has been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition on the PS4.