July 15, 2015: More Fish and Chips Burritos

My time in California is nearly over.  Today is Wednesday and tomorrow is my last full day here.  I fly back to Texas on Friday morning.  I will be in flight most of the day arriving at IAH in the middle of the afternoon and then needing to drive from IAH to League City.  Going to be a very long day.

Today is also the ten day countdown until we are heading out of the US again.  We fly down to Panama next weekend!  Hard to believe that it is coming up so soon.  A new country and a new region (Central America.)  We are pretty excited.  Although we are all tired of traveling as it is.  It feels like we have not stopped at all.  Since we left Spain it has been continuous movement from Spain to Norway, Norway to Utica, Utica back and forth to Rochester and Waverly, Utica to Houston, Houston to San Francisco and all of that in about one month.  Ugh.  And now San Francisco to Houston and Houston to Panama via Mexico.  We are going to be so happy being stationary in Panama for over a month.

Jeff was still in a lot of pain this morning so it was just me heading into the office.  That means Sarah dropping me off at the BART station and riding the train into the office with my two mile round trip walk.

I was pretty busy at work today.  I did a late lunch, on my own at the Dos Piñas taqueria because I just cannot resist their fish and chips burritos!!  This is my third one in a week (I got it on Monday as well.)  This is one of the best food items that I have ever discovered.

I worked until seven thirty then go the train back to San Bruno.  Sarah picked me up.  They had already eaten so she drove me to Taco Bell so that I could pick up a quick dinner.  Then back to the house where I ate and set up the laptop and worked for a bit.

Quiet night.  Basically caught up on SGL now.  Getting a few other things done.  Paid the bills for the month.

Really miss my girls.  It is hard to talk to them because I am so far behind in time.  I get up and get ready for work and by the time that I am home they are already in bed.  It is much easier when I am in the other direction and they are still awake after I am home from work.  I am awake nearly their entire night.