July 17, 2015: Starting One Week in Houston

I woke up at four this morning which was a bit earlier than I wanted to but it does mean that I am ready for central time zone again.  I stayed in bed till four thirty but then got up.  I did a little work and posting before showering at six thirty.  At seven Jeff drove me down to San Francisco Airport which is visible from their neighbourhood so is not a far drive at all.  We were there by twenty after seven.

SFO is the easiest airport anywhere to deal with.  I got my bags checked in right away, Frontier seems to be reliably very easy to deal with, and I was right through security and had plenty of time to get a giant Cafe Americano and relax while I waited for my flight, which was on time.

I had a good flight from San Francisco to Houston.  It was smooth the whole way and I just spent the time reading the “W” book from Sue Grafton.  Only when we were coming over Houston that we suddenly hit a severe degree of turbulence which was explained once we were on the ground and found ourselves in a massive rain storm.

Francesca and Dominica picked me up in the Acadia and we went shopping at Old Navy for kids’ clothes and then stopped quickly at Fry’s to pick up the Logitech F710 wireless joypad that I have been wanting to get for a month.  While we were shopping I grabbed food at Which Wich, which was really good.

Everyone was waiting for us at the Grices’.  Liesl and Luciana piled onto my lap and everyone spent the evening watching a marathon of Disney’s “Lap Rats” which is a silly cable channel show, but it is cute and I had never seen it before.

Dominica, Francecsa and Emily went out for all that you can eat pizza.  I decided that that was a bad idea so stayed behind and watched the kids while they ate.  One they returned, they had figured out that it was a bad idea too.

Before going to bed tonight I hooked up the new joypad to my Mac to see how it would work.  It is really nice, I like it a lot.  I immediately tried playing Dust: An Elysian Tale and Liesl sat for a while and watched it.  She really enjoyed that.  She wants to try playing it, now.