July 18, 2015: Swimming Day

This is our last weekend in the US.  We slept in a little this morning, everyone was tired.  Luciana came over to Dominica and my room and hopped into bed as soon as she was awake.

Luciana has been begging to get to go swimming.  She made me promise that I would take her swimming today.

So by late morning the Grice kids had been dropped off and Bennie and Joe were watching the four little kids out in the pool and shortly thereafter I went out to join them.  I went swimming for an hour or two myself, my first time in the pool for a long time.  I put on sunscreen on my head as I tend to burn often, even though I never seem to feel it.

I got some sun and some exercise.  Being in the pool was a nice change of pace.  It was in the high nineties today in Houston.

Dominica and Francesca were out shopping much of the day.  It was a very quiet day around the Tocco house.

This evening Brittany’s parents came over for a while and stayed for dinner.  We had grilled tilapia for dinner.

After dinner I took Madeline and Emily out to see the 9:30 showing of San Andreas which has just opened recently.  We had a good time, the movie was pretty good and it was interesting seeing a movie shot almost entirely in the city that I have been in for the past two weeks.