July 20, 2015: Nothing But FroYo

Had to be up at eight this morning and it was just a long, long day.  I was seriously tired by the end of it.  Spent the whole day working on one issue or another.

It was super hot today, must have been a hundred outside.  Even with the air conditioning running I could not keep the house below seventy seven and I was the only person here all day!

First thing this morning Dominica and the kids went out with the Grices to go see the movie “Inside Out” and then went shopping all day.  So I was home alone until this evening at seven when I drove out to meet them an Menchies, the frozen yoghurt place right up the street.  It is five dollar all that you can eat night there so we all skipped eating meals today and just ate there instead.  Probably not the best idea, but at least it was cheap, we got our probiotics and it was heavy in protein.

We had been talking about going out for dinner after froyo but by the time that we ate all of that we were not hungry any more and just went back to the house so that I could continue working.

Tomorrow is going to be busy.  My first order of business is to get to the DMV, or the equivalent of it here in Texas, and get the Spark registered which has been needing to be done for a long time but we were unable to do because the car has not been in Texas until now.  So much to do in such a small window.

Only five days left until we are off to Panama!  Hard to believe that it is coming up so soon and there is just so much to do between now and then!  We are getting into the final home stretch crunch.  Need to get to AAA too to get an Internation Driver’s License done too for both Dominica and me.  The nearest office is quite some ways away which is really frustrating.  At least twenty one miles in a really inconvenient direction.

I noticed today that Liesl actually has a tan now.  That is pretty amazing considering how hard it is for her to tan.  I am not sure that I have ever seen her with anything approaching a tan before.