July 21, 2015: DMV is Closed

This morning I had to get up and go to the DMV (or the Tax Assessors Office as that is who functions as the DMV in Texas) to deal with getting the little Chevy Spark registered there.  It has not been registered anywhere for nearly two years because we have been out of the state where it exists and there was no means of getting it registered.  We have only these five days to deal with any of that kind of stuff so I got up this morning and went right to the Friendswood City Hall to get the call all set just to discover that the DMV is only open on Thursdays and Fridays.  So I need to come back on Thursday morning to make sure that we get this done as it is rather a big deal.

I did a ton of “email cleanup” today trying to get my inbox down to a manageable level.  I have so many emails and they back up really quickly these days.  I am just so busy and so much of it is stuff that I cannot action quickly.  Once you start getting buried it never gets better again.

Dominica and the kids hung out at the Grices’ today.  They are getting in as much family time as they can before we leave.  Once we head to Panama it is going to be a long time before they have a lot of time all together again.

This evening Dominica started getting some of the packing down so that we will be ready to head off to Panama in a few days.  We can’t believe that we are only four days away!  We will be there on Saturday afternoon.

Dominica has been addicted to watching Big Bang Theory and so I watched several episodes of that with her this evening.  I have not seen that show since it was in the first season or two still coming out.  It’s okay, I enjoy it but not a ton.  It is rather condescending and because of the nature of the show I tend to get rather nit picky about characters failing to remain true.  The writing has always been very sloppy and there is no one true to the character to check it, I guess, or they just don’t care so it is really easy to see the character mistakes made.