June 22, 2015: Liesl Plays Broken Age

Monday morning on the farm.  Everyone slept in a lot today, especially as even the girls were up very late last night.  We took it easy today and, of course, I had to work a normal day so it was really just me working from dad’s office while dad played with the girls.  Dominica has been addicted to some new book series for the last week or two and is out of commission until she finishes it.  We really did not get any interaction from her today.

After work this evening dad set up his laptop attached to the “big” forty two inch television down in the basement and got a wireless keyboard and mouse so that Liesl could try playing some video games down there.  Liesl has been begging to get back to playing Broken Age for a long time. She and I put in maybe thirty minutes, an hour tops, playing Broken Age in the kitchen in our home in Spain several weeks ago, more than a month ago probably, and have not had a chance to even fire it up for a moment since.  Steam is awesome about syncing your game status up to the cloud so we were able to switch machines and play it on dad’s laptop without losing our place in the game.

In the interim, Liesl has found Broken Age videos on YouTube and has been watching them a lot.  She loves the game and is so excited to play it with me.  It was probably around nine in the evening when we got it hooked up and dad joined us for a little less than an hour to watch Liesl play.

It was awesome how little Liesl needed me for the game.  She took control of the mouse and snuggled next to me on the couch in the basement and played the game on her own.  She really did not need me at all, it was amazing.

Liesl and I probably played Broken Age until one in the morning.  We were having a great time.  We both love the game, the story is really engaging and interesting.  The graphics are beautiful and there is quite a good selection of voice actors in the game too including Elijah Wood, Jack Black, Jennifer Hale and Wil Wheaton.  Pretty surprising when you suddenly hear them.

Liesl can hardly contain just how excited she is to be playing this game.  She has been waiting for so long and is really enjoying showing off just how well she is able to play it!

We had a great time playing it this evening and are going to make an effort to play it again tomorrow too.