June 23, 2015: Celebrating Luciana’s Fourth Birthday

Dominica was the first one up this morning.  After she was up, Luciana got up and sneaked into the room where I was sleeping and climbed into bed where Dominica had been to snuggle.  After a little bit, Liesl got up too, came in and snuggled next to Luciana.  They both fell back asleep there and got another hour or two of sleep, on their own, even after I got up.  They were so adorable.

Today is Tuesday and we are out on the farm in Peoria with dad.  We are having Luciana’s fourth birthday party today.  She had a little party when we were in Spain, just the four of us.  Then last week she had a party in Frankfort.  And today we are having a party at dad’s.  So Luciana has made out pretty well on parties this year.  She might have had to have waited for them but they came in abundance!

Luciana has been anything but patient for this party.  She has been talking about little else since several weeks before we left Spain and to some degree since her birthday in April.

Everyone came over today.  Sharon and Leo, Jeremy and Rachael, Sarah and Steven.  So there were eleven of us for Luciana’s party.  This birthday was Play-doh themed which is what Luciana has been asking for and boy did she get a lot of it.  She was very excited.  She and Liesl (and several adults) played Play-doh all afternoon.

We had a big cookout, that had to be moved indoors because it was raining, with burgers and hot dogs and, of course, a cake.  Luciana had a very nice birthday.

I had to work today, of course, as it is the middle of the week.  After work this evening Liesl and I got down to more Broken Age.  She did great, again, and completed the First Act of it.  The story is great and she really knows how to play it.  She moves through it really quickly.  Much more quickly that I would have.  It is so much fun to watch her play.  And she is so snugly when she plays.  She sits right next to me with my arm around her.  I really wish that we had a good video game setup to take with us when traveling as the gaming is such a good way to spend time together.