June 27, 2015: Fixing the Server

Luciana climbed into bed with me around eight thirty.  Dominica had been up for a little bit already.  It is very overcast today and we are expecting a lot of rain.  The FedEx shipment of computer parts was not expected until noon so I knew that I was going to have a little bit of time to relax this morning.  Liesl was very tired as we were up so late last night, but it was worth getting to beat Broken Age together.

Liesl did not sleep in all that late and by around ten was awake and at ten thirty we were all able to go up to Geneseo to go to the Omega Grill for a late breakfast or early lunch (we all got breakfast except for dad.)

It was before eleven thirty when Danielle texted to say that the parts had arrived.  So we rushed through lunch and I drove dad’s Volvo convertible over to the Ralstons’ straight from there while Dominica went to Peeble’s to return something and they ran some other errands.

Mike and I worked on the server and got it working in a couple of hours.  What a huge relief this was.  We have been really worried about if it was going to recover or not.  It’s been a long few days trying to get this figured out.

Now that the physical server is working again, the real work is in recovering what was on it.  But we are much less stressed than we were before.  A lot more to be done.