June 8, 2015: Decompressing Back in New York

For obvious reasons we slept in quite a bit this morning. We are all really exhausted. Once awake, our first order of business was to get the rental car returned to Enterprise as we had only rented it until early afternoon to keep the cost down. This meant that we had to drive to the far side of Utica to drop it off. I drove the car over and Dominica rode back with Francesca in our Acadia. Francesca and the kids had driven up from Texas to New York in our Acadia this time instead of coming back in her Sequoia.

We got the car dropped off and went right back to the house. Now that we are on the east coast my day starts around noon (although I did not start until one today) instead of late in the evening so I have a lot of adjusting to do. Now we have jet lag to deal with.

We got pizza for dinner and I just worked from the kitchen today. Dominica’s parents were at work today. Everyone is tired so we were busy just decompressing. The kids were super excited to see their cousins and were off playing with them and we barely saw them at all.