August 7, 2015: Leaving Panama City

The original plan had been to work in Panama City all day today and have a dinner thing tonight until quite late and then to head back to Playa Blanca early tomorrow morning to deal with car logistics and get Bob back out to Panama City to deal with the airport.

But first thing this morning, Paul and Bob stopped by the DoubleTree and said that we were changing plans and all of the stuff for today had been called off and that we were going to head back to deal with the cars today instead. So pretty much first thing I got all of my stuff together, got checked out of the hotel and we drove Paul back to the east, which took quite some time, to drop him off with Bob’s in laws where Paul will be spending the night.

I navigated and Bob drove from eastern Panama City out to Playa Blanca.  That actually went pretty well.  The drive out was a bit slow as we had a lot of traffic on the way.  All day Friday you have the holiday weekend traffic going on between Panama City and the beaches to the west.  It makes for a very long drive.

It was very early in the afternoon when we arrived in Playa Blanca. Dominica had not told the girls that I was coming home this afternoon.  They were pretty excited when I came through the door.

Our first order of business was getting me working and caught up.  We did that right away and then over to National Car Rental and picked up another Toyota Yaris for me so that I could drive everyone back to Panama City tomorrow morning.

No problems getting the car.  That was easy and mostly cheap this time.  Then back to the condo working until evening.

Once it was late, Bob and I drove out to El Valle and dropped off his mother in law’s car and I drove him back to Playa Blanca where he had decided to spend the night to make things easier for tomorrow.

It was pretty late when we were finally back and everyone was pretty tired.  So more or less right off to sleep for us.  The girls are both sleeping in the bed with Dominica and me in the master suite and Bob is sleeping in the girls’ room tonight.