July 31, 2015: End of Our First Week in Panama

This year is flying by, no question.  Already the end of July and the end of our first week out of our five that we are spending here in Panama!  How did we get to our seventh day so quickly.  It feels like we just got here, but we really did arrive on Saturday and it is already Friday.  That is just crazy.

We had had a slower day today.  Paul and Bob are going to El Valle today and we will see them tomorrow, we think.  Today is just a normal work day for us with nothing going on. In the morning Dominica took the girls down to the pool and they went swimming for a while, but it was pretty hot and the girls did not want to swim for all that long.

Liesl and Dominica worked on school today.  I had plenty of work to do so was focused on that.

This evening Dominica and I watched some Love Boat and kicked around the idea of ordering in some pizza but the effort to do so was enough to keep us from actually attempting to do it.