August 25, 2015: Liesl’s New School Schedule

Our time in Panamá is rapidly coming to a close.  Today is Tuesday and we only have two more days here in Playa Blanca and one more day in Panama City before we fly back to Texas (and I fly on to New York.)  It feels like we just got here but we have already been here for a month.

Today is Liesl’s first day of controlling her scheduling for home school.  Yesterday she spoke to Dominica about how she hates being surprised with school suddenly at random times of the day (I have been saying that I felt that this was the case for a long time.)

It was actually really nice outside today.  Cool enough that I was able to sit out and work outside the entire day without sweating, this might be the first day like this since we came to Panamá.  Overcast, coolish and not so oppressively humid.  It was very nice.  It also meant that the loud air conditioning units were not running non-stop all day which makes working outside far nicer as well.