August 28, 2015: Leaving Rio Hato

Today is our final day in Rio Hato and Playa Blanca.  Much of the day was spent packing as Dominica worked to get us ready for the trip.  I had he day off from work as it was a travel logistics day for everyone as we all make our way to the company retreat in the Adirondacks.

The driver from National picked me up at ten and I was back before eleven with yet another Toyota Yaris.  This must be the only car that anyone can afford here.  I’ve definitely learned that Toyota is what you get when you can’t find a Kia dealer.  These cars are not good and today’s was the worst one yet with really sloppy steering.

It took a few hours to get the car packed, the apartment cleaned up and everything ready to go but by mid-afternoon we were done in Rio Hato and on the PanAmerican highway headed east to Panama City for the last time.

We got to the DoubleTree in Panama City in good time and with minimal effort.  We know how to drive around the city now and can get where we want to go pretty easily.  It’s really no issue at all to drive the city.  The girls are excited to be back in the hotel as they like it here.  This time we have a corner suite (again on the Honors floor) with a neat little all-windowed corner perfect for the girls to set up their toys and play in.

We decided that we were super lazy today and needed our rest so we plugged the MacBook into the television, put on Modern Family and ordered in room service and called it a night.  We did nothing all evening and it was awesome.  Our flight out of Panama is tomorrow morning.