September 12, 2015: A Down Weekend

This is a slow weekend for us, we are more or less taking time this weekend to relax and try to think about what it is that we want to do in regards to the job situation.

I took some time to relax and play some video games this weekend.  I have a bunch of stuff from Steam that I have not gotten a chance to check out yet so I played a little bit of several different games just to check them out.

I tried playing Home is Where One Starts but found that the Mac was just not fast enough to play it smoothly.  Then I tried Shoppe Keep and, likely so many things, it completely crashed the Mac.  So I moved on to playing Blackguards and actually found something new, fun and that worked reliably on the Mac.  Sadly, like so many other things on the Mac, this breaks the windowing features that seem so nice on the Mac when they work so that there is no way to go in and out of the game to use the computer for anything else.  So when playing this game the Mac is completely dedicated to it which is really annoying when you are not surrounded by lots of computers.

Dominica and the girls were out most of the day so I had the house more or less to myself.  I took the chance to have some downtime and played Blackguards for a lot of the day.

This evening we had take out from The Cheesecake Factory for dinner which was excellent.  I got the Thai glazed salmon and it is one of the best salmon dishes that I have had in a very long time.