September 13, 2015: Blackguards Day

It’s Sunday and we are taking it easy today.  It is going to be a long and stressful week as we try to figure out our plans and make decisions and there is pretty much no way for us to get additional information over the weekend so we are stuck trying not to stress too much and just being as ready as possible for the coming week.

I played Blackguards a bit today.  The girls discovered that they like the game a lot and spent a huge amount of the day hanging out in our room watching me play.  It is so funny how much they get into watching me play video games.  I put in many hours at the game and completed a chapter or two.  The story is good and I am enjoying it.  The strategy portion is fun but I dislike the lack of decision making, it is really just a story that tells itself, more or less, with break points for me to do some gameplay before the story moves along again.  The story telling is good, but the style is not one that I normally gravitate too very much.

This evening we watched more of Modern Family together before going to bed.