September 17, 2015: Quitting My Job

Today was a bit of a momentous day.  Dominica and I have been trying to decide what we are going to do.  But today we decided for sure that we are going to go it without me having a normal job and I am going to focus on writing and we are going to continue our world travels as we have been doing.  We told Change this morning and started the process of figuring out the notice period and how that will work and I requested time off next week to make SpiceWorld easier to deal with.

We ended up managing to work out, due to my current project status, that I could wrap up with work tomorrow and get paid through Tuesday in lieu of notice and be all wrapped up by Wednesday, which is perfect.  So I will be free to work on things that we need to do next week on Monday and Tuesday and then can be out in Austin for SpiceWorld nice and early!  It is still going to be one hectic week.

We are quite excited.  Tomorrow I will be wrapping things up in the office and then we are all done.

We had lunch brought in from the Chinese place that the Toccos use.  General Tso’s shrimp and their amazing eggplant.

Last night I was up following the giant earthquake that happened in Chile, near Santiago.  It was the first earthquake of this magnitude in 450 years there, quite an event.  There were half a dozen earthquakes during the evening and a tsunami.  Nearly every location that our family is going to be living in for the foreseeable future was affected by the earthquake – either having quakes directly or in the path of the tsunami, even including Nicaragua.

I got my iPhone updated to iOS 9 this evening.

Dominica did a lot of packing tonight.  We are in full motion to be read for Nicaragua.

Tonight as we were going to bed we found out that AJ had broken down in Alabama, having “forgotten” to put oil in his car or to get oil changes.  The car ran out of oil and eventually gave up on him.  The engine seized and the car is totaled.  Now he is stranded in Alabama with everything that he owns in the car.