September 5, 2015: First Full Day Back in Texas

It is my first full day back in Texas.  I was really exhausted after traveling all day yesterday and having gotten almost no sleep all week so I slept in very late this morning, till around ten.  I got probably eleven hours of actually sleep last night!  I really needed it.  I was doing fine until yesterday when the exhaustion caught up with me.

This morning we met Francesca and the kids at Waffle House around eleven and it took two hours for us to get through our meals!  It was by far the least competent Waffle House experience ever.  They took more than an hour to get our food and our drinks were not delivered until we had requested them easily three or four times and not until long after our meals.  Someone took our syrup away in the middle of us trying to eat the waffles that we had waited hours to get as well.  And even when water arrived that we had been waiting for forever they took some of it away again without telling us so the kids still didn’t have drinks!  It was ridiculous.  They were lazy, inconsiderate and incompetent all at once.  Two hours to get breakfast and much of the food was wrong, somethings never came, we were never paid attention to and by the time we left there were only four customers in the entire store, which was fewer than there was staff!

Today we did very little.  We went over to the Grices’ on the early side and spent most of the day there.  It was a very light day.

Emily and I made an epic run to Sonic for ice cream and slushies in the afternoon.  Got way too much and had three times as much as we needed for everyone.

We took off on the early side, around six, and called it a night.  We relaxed at the Toccos’ house a little bit and everyone was in bed pretty early.  We were all pretty exhausted.