September 9, 2015: Working from the Bedroom All Day

Today was a heavy work day.  I did sleep in just a little as I had insomnia last night and ended up working from the bedroom all day.  I really never came out.  It was a quiet day.  The girls, outside of doing school, spent the day playing well together in their room and Dominica appreciated having a quiet day to herself downstairs.

I got a fair amount done today, one of the really big things being a ton of catchup on SGL which no one will see for a really long time because I need to backtrack and fill in some days from almost a month ago before I can start posting the days that I have already written up.  But it is good progress that I can really see.  Hopefully soon and long before we leave to return to Central America.

Dominica got a ton of the school prep work done for the trip.  That needed to be done and she is much better prepared than before.  She has been scanning books continuously for two days!

I worked late into the night.  The girls managed to stay up until around one in the morning before we noticed that they were still awake.  They are going to be tired tomorrow.