October 12, 2015: Meeting the ExPats

One of the big challenges that you face living in a super poor country and living outside of strict tourist areas is that people are constantly begging from you.  It really is everywhere.  What makes it much, much more difficult here is that because of the design of the homes and the fact that the house is wide open to the street at all times.  So we have started to have beggars coming to the door on a regular bases, calling into the house where they can see us (there really is nowhere to hide) and asking for money.  It was bad enough when it was an older woman once in a while.  But now it has started being punk kids, often well dressed and clearly just begging and annoying residents as they try to live or work, on their way to school or whatever.  And they just hang around outside of our door.

We lost power for a little while today, but less than an hour.  We could see the guys working on the pole down the street so were not too worried about it.

This afternoon I walked over to Cafe Isabella and picked up a lunch, rather than a breakfast, order to take back to the house with me.  Their lunch and dinner menu is huge, which is awesome.  They are rather like a diner with lots of different options and so close to us.  We are pretty excited about that.  So I ordered a fish burrito and a veggie burrito and a tuna melt (which in Spanish is called a “tuna melt”) and some fries to take back to the house.

The food is never super fast at the cafe so I sat out on the deck and got invited to sit with the retired expats who hang out over there.  I had at least half an hour of hanging out with them.  I learned a lot about the area and places that they thought that I should go visit and how they were living here as long term residents.  It was very informative about life in Nicaragua.

Quiet evening tonight.