October 13, 2015: Blue Toad Mysteries

We are becoming morning people here in Central America.  Up around six this morning and right down to the dining room to do some writing.

For breakfast this morning Dominica made fried rice (with eggs in it) as we have a kitchen full of produce that needs to be eaten.  We had some interesting new vegetables, some of which we did not even know what they were but they were tasty in the dish.  Our fruit and vegetable lady that comes by every morning has been introducing us to all kinds of new things.  We are slowly getting to know the local Central American produce. It is so interesting how much of what is eaten regularly down here is different than even what is eaten in Texas, let alone the rest of the US.

It was a hot one today, very little air movement and very sunny.  For much of the day I had to lower the big blinds in the middle of the dining room to block out some of the light so that I was able to keep sitting at the computer.

For dinner this evening Dominica made a pasta primavera at home which was delicious.  Our fridge is just so full of fruits and veggies, we have to use them somewhere.  We are having a big of a complication as we need a cutting board and Dominica asked the house owner where to get one and they sent someone to get one for us in Managua, which seems crazy as that is an hour away, but they did not bring it today so we are just kind of waiting on that.

After dinner I walked up to La Colonia to do grocery shopping.  I got a pretty good haul of groceries that we needed and walked back home.  Luciana really wanted jelly beans from the corner store which is the exact opposite direction from La Colonia so I walked down there and got jelly beans for her as well.

Once I was back home we set up in our bedroom for family game night.  There was an argument over what game to play but we finally settled on Liesl and Luciana playing Ankh.  But Luciana ended up being too tired and threw and temper tantrum and we had to cancel game time with the girls and sent them off to bed.

Dominica and I looked through our gaming library of stuff that we already had downloaded and found the Blue Toad Murder Files which Dominica had never even heard of before.  We thought that there was going to be no chance that it would work with a gamepad but we were surprised when it just worked and worked really well.  How exciting.

Since it worked, Dominica and I played all of the way through the first episode of the Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mystery of Little Riddle which cute, funny and fun.  We enjoyed it.  I think that my dad would enjoy this game.