October 6, 2015: Corner Store with the Girls

Tuesday.  I refrained from going on any long walks today because I had some blisters after having done so yesterday.  My feet need to heal before I head out for anything like that again.

Today was a rather quiet day around the house.  I wrote and Dominica and the girls did school.  We stayed in all day and just relaxed.  Everyone swam a little, which was nice.  The water is surprisingly cold, probably because it is fully in ground and all full of rain water.

This evening the girls really wanted to go to the corner store.  So Liesl, Luciana and I walked down to the corner store together and left Dominica at home as she did not want to go.  We had a lot of fun on out little walk and the girls demonstrated that they could figure out how to get to the corner store on their own.  They are learning their way around their city now!

While we were at the store they discovered that they now have Kinder Sorpresa there.  This is going to be a problem, I am sure.  So they each got one egg.

After I dropped the girls off at the house I ran around the corner to pick up two cans of Victoria beer, the biggest beer in Nicaragua, for myself.  It is about eighty five cents for a beer here.

We watched The Nanny this evening as a family in our bedroom until it was time to go to bed.