October 8, 2015: Cooler Day in Granada

I felt like I was sleeping in late when I woke up this morning but when I looked at my phone it turned out that I had only slept in an extra ten minutes!  Weird.  It felt like a really long night.  So, up shortly after six for me!  Dominica slept in till more like eight.

I made my way downstairs and set up in the dining room like I usually do.  It was bright and sunny most of the day but it felt cooler today than it has been feeling and by later in the day both Dominica and me had been commenting on how nice it was today.  There wasn’t that overwhelming feeling of sweating constantly.

I had a very productive morning of writing and getting Dominica to edit the stuff that I was working on.  Did some blogging and lots of posting.  The girls were very engaged in their own stuff between playing with their toys together, doing some swimming and playing Minecraft they skipping doing school during the day and saved it for this evening instead.  First time that they have done that in a very long time.

We stayed in all day, one of our rare days not venturing out  at all.  Dominica often stays in but I typically go out at some point.  Today was totally a relaxing day.

I went out in the early evening to El Carmen Panaderia to pick up some locally made bread for sandwiches.  That was the only time outside of the house all day.

I thought about going out walking around town this evening but just as I was considering it after Luciana decided that she wanted to go to bed at six thirty (no idea what made her want to go to bed so early) it started to sprinkle and then, suddenly, a big thunderstorm hit and it rained for over an hour quite steadily which left me a bit wary of venturing out and being caught in a big storm far from home.

Instead I settled down in the dining room again and worked on my writing.  Liesl did school until after seven then went to the living room to watch her shows on her iPad by herself while Dominica made some dinner.

Dominica went to bed around nine.  I stayed up for a while to catch up on SGL, which I nearly managed to do.  Still a couple of days short but tons has been caught up and I will definitely be able to get fully caught up sometime tomorrow which will be my first time since getting to Nicaragua.

These evening Liesl accidentally caught the end of her headphones on part of the bed while she was walking through her room and it ripped them apart.  Her headphones that she uses constantly with her iPad and really loves.  She was so upset.  She just cried and cried.

Luciana felt so bad that she went and got her own headphones that she had gotten for her birthday and gave them to Liesl and then was crying because she loved her birthday headphones so much but wanted Liesl to be happy more than she wanted to have her headphones.  It was very touching.  Considering how little they own here it means a lot more than it would when we are back home in Texas and they have unlimited toys and we can just replace things.  What they have here is all that they are getting and it was a really big deal for her to give them to Liesl.

I was up until close to midnight even though I was feeling a bit tired around nine thirty.  I was getting so much done that I did not want to stop to go to bed that early.

I also managed to get all of the pictures from my Nikon camera uploaded to Flickr tonight and most, if not all, of the videos up to YouTube.  So there are now quite a few pictures on Flickr for those who are interested in keeping up.  Far more than are on Facebook.  Nearly every picture on my phone is uploaded too.  So all in all, pretty much to a state of being “caught up” all around at this point.