September 22, 2015: Off to Austin for SpiceWorld 2015

This is it, time for SpiceWorld Austin 2015, my seventh year in Austin and my eighth SpiceWorld.  We spend all year looking forward to this event.  We have so many friends at SpiceWorld, it is rather like a big reunion, more than anything else.

This morning it was more packing and getting ready.  We hit the road midday and it takes about three and a half hours to get out to Austin.  So it was evening by the time that we got there.  Luckily that made it easy as Danielle and Art were already there and had taken care of the rooms and stuff so I did not even have to check in.  They just handed me my keys and we were right in.

We got into the hotel, showered and relaxed a little.  Then I left Dominica and the girls in the hotel and went to the HandleBar to meet up with everyone for the pre-pre-party going on there all evening for the people who had gotten into town a full day ahead of schedule.  There are more and more people arriving earlier and earlier now.  You really need to be there tonight to be part of the in crowd!

We had a good time at the HandleBar up on the terrace.  Sadly it was way too warm.

After we were there a group of us went to a pizza place and got some slices and some pitchers of beer and sat in the back room for a while.

By after one there were just three of us, Watson, Slava and I were wondered over to Touche for a quick look at where the party is going to be this week.

It was two when I got back to the hotel and got myself into bed.