September 24, 2015: Main Day of SpiceWorld 2015

This morning we took shifts.  I slept in while Dominica went to the conference.  She had the morning shift and I had the afternoon shift, which was nice.  I did not like having to miss things but the downtime was appreciated.  So the girls and I got to sleep in late and relax.

I did some posting and watched the girls, who were happy to just play in the hotel, until Dominica was done with lunch and returned to the hotel.  So my day was rather short.

I went over to the conference center in the afternoon.  It was pretty busy.  I attempted to attend one session, Dominica had looked into it and thought that it would be interesting, and it turned out to be standing room only and utter garbage.  This is why I never bother attending sessions.  Total waste of time.  Completely non-technical and nothing like the session described.  It was like a high level survey of computer security for a nursing home.  No place in a tech conference.

So Kim and I ducked out of there, leaving Rob and Lauren who had been sitting right behind us, after about fifteen minutes and realizing that this wasn’t the warm up but was the actual talk.  There was a continuous stream of people leaving the talk.

I avoided any more sessions of the afternoon.  I just spent time hanging out with the vendors and other SpiceHeads.  I stayed for the happy hour and then returned to the hotel to tag Dominica in as she was going to attend the evening’s party while I watched the kids.  This works out well enough since we both get breaks from the conference, both get time to relax, both see the kids and things like the official party tonight is loud and not something I have an interest in attending or business value in going to but she enjoys it and being an introvert likes the fact that it is loud and there is no ability to talk to people – so it works out well for her.

I ordered delivery dinner from P.F. Chang’s, which I have never had before.  That was cheap and fast.  I did not get to eat it right away, though.  As soon as my food arrived AJ came to the room wanting to hang out.  My food was nearly cold by the time that I had managed to get him to move on elsewhere.  I need downtime and I need to eat my dinner.

P.F. Chang’s for dinner was delicious, much like a very upscale Panda Express.  The girls enjoyed their dinner from there as well.

Late this evening Dominica led people from the main party to Touche and then returned to the hotel and spent the evening with the girls while I went out to lead the party at Touche again.

I was in by two tonight.  Trying not to be out too late.