September 25, 2015: Last Day of SpiceWorld 2015

This is it, our last day of the conference.  This morning I was going to be a guest “speaker” in one of the sessions so I had to be over to the conference nice and early.  Karen was going to come over and watch the girls for us so that Dominica could go to the conference today but she was not there yet when I left this morning so Dominica was still getting ready.

I had enough time to get casually to the conference and talk to people for a little while before going to my session.  On my way to the session I ran into a group of people wearing matching t-shirts.  Steven had shirts made up celebrating the Dr. Pepper Parking Garage story just for me!  People were trying to be sneaky and get into my morning session with them and try to surprise me with them there but the cat was out of the bag just a little bit early.  Dominica actually had one, they had managed to get one to her without me knowing, and that was why she was waiting to get ready this morning so that I would not see her with it on.  I did not notice her wearing it until I saw her sitting in the session that I was speaking in this morning.  It was really cool that everyone had those shirts.

I tried to attend another session after the one that I was in but I was caught in the hallway by someone who needed to speak with me and I never made it into the session.  Not a huge thing but I wanted to either hear one talk on storage or hear Lauren presenting and I did not manage to make either. It figures that the one time that there was any session that I wanted to attend that there would be two at the same time and someone would need me during most of the session in the hallway right in front of the session doors and I would never make it in anyway.

Dominica and I did manage to do lunch together today which was nice.  We try to do that at the conferences but it is always such a challenge.

Dominica had to go back to the hotel for a while and was unable to attend an ethical hacking session that she was interested in.  So I headed over there with Kim and we ended up sitting with Rob and Lauren.  But the talk was so bad that Kim and I left after no more than fifteen minutes.  It was ridiculous and a complete waste of effort.

After the conference had wrapped up Dominica and I were both on the Scale Boat Cruise on the river.  I had done the cruise last year but Dominica had decided to skip it because she was worried about getting sea sick.  But she had missed seeing the Austin Congress Street Bridge bats which is a big deal and she has always wanted to see that so she made a big point to be on the boat this year.

We had a great time on the cruise, it is always fun.  Afterwards most people rode back on the bus but Dominica and I walked back ourselves and went to the hotel to check on the girls.  Paul and Karen had taken them to the Austin Children’s Museum this evening and they had had a great time.  They were very happy that Karen and Paul had been with them all day.

Dominica relieved Karen and Karen and I walked to the Hyatt, collected Paul and headed out to Touche on sixth.

The party at Touche was pretty tame tonight.  After a while it migrated to Maggie Mae’s but there was an issue with people getting in with bags so we had to skip that.  Ended up walking and losing Tony and Lauren from the long way, to The Ginger Man, which ended up being a great, quiet venue for wrapping up the week.

I was home before one thirty, we have to be up early tomorrow.