November 14, 2015: Video Gaming Weekend

We all must have been really exhausted because I was the first one up at just after nine this morning and by ten had not heard anyone in the house stirring!  I know that I was really tired from getting nearly no sleep yesterday; I felt it all day.  But everyone else had slept normally.  I am quite surprised that everyone was so tired.

I got up and came downstairs and did some posting and writing for a while.  Checked out the weekend Steam and GOG sales.

I found out from Dominica after she had finally gotten up that apparently I had been sleep walking last night!  That is something quite surprising to found out in the morning.  From what she tells me, we lost power early on in the night last night.  This would have caused my CPAP to start to suffocate me so I would have reacted immediately.  This would also cause the air conditioner to shut off and not come back on due to how it works.  The AC reprograms itself every time that the power goes out and Dominica has to take the remote and reprogram it before turning it back on.

So apparently I got up and opened up the one side of the window and then went back to bed.  The power was only off for a few seconds so I might have done this after the power was back on and so slipped the CPAC back on and been right back asleep.  Liesl was still awake and asked us about the power going out in the morning.  Dominica did not find the window open and the AC off until hours later when she turned it back on and shut the window.

So that explains partly why everyone was so tired and slept in so late this morning.

Later in the morning I went to Cafe Isabella and got a big breakfast for me and Dominica.  Scrambled eggs, potatoes and gallo pinto.  There was one other table at the cafe getting breakfast while I was there.  Very clearly tourists, but it was amazing to see anyone as typically I am the only customer, especially that early in the day.

We ran out of propane last night.  Today we had more delivered.  This was our first propane delivery here in Granada.

Luciana did her first non-Minecraft PC gaming today playing at least half an hour of Goat Simulator.  You would never expect this to be her first foray into 3D third person gaming but there you have it.  Strangely, at the very same time that Luciana was playing this game, Dominica’s mother texted Dominica to tell her that Goat Simulator was free on the Amazon Fire and that she was downloading it as soon as she got home.  So weird.  We’ve owned it for a while, though.

Liesl played a bunch of video games today.  Liesl started off playing Farm Frenzy 4 for what was probably an hour. She played some new platformers like Ethan: Meteor Hunter, Oozi and Braid.  Then she played Broken Age for a while.

I went out to Taco Stop and picked up dinner for everyone.  That always takes half an hour minimum, probably a bit more.  We ate down in the dining room for a change.

After dinner I did the second half of Luciana’s homeschool for the day; Dominica had done the first half while I was out getting food.  It is Saturday and we tend to take the weekends off from school except for when the girls request that we do school and Luciana had been asking for it today.  So awesome that our girls actually ask to get to learn new stuff rather than us having to cajole them into it.

I did a little reading with the girls.  Then we talked Dominica into having a family game night.

We started off exploring some new games that we had just bought or at least had downloaded.  We fired up Super Panda Adventures and instead of Liesl wanting to take the controls (mostly because she had just found a new game on her iPad) it was Luciana who decided that she wanted to play!  SPA is an action platformer and the first that Luciana has ever played.  So this was a big day for her, her first two “real” video games all in a single day.

Luciana played for what was probably an hour at least.  She made it through a few levels and while she played I worked on getting Steam working with streaming or broadcasting which we have wanted to do for a while.  That was not too hard to do and we managed to get dad able to watch Luciana play for a while which was really neat.  Of all games, this one was probably not very interesting to watch remotely as there is essentially no story and all just jumping action.  But the idea is really cool and we often play much more interesting games.

Luciana got so into the game that when the antagonist first showed up and destroyed the castle and took the princess and killed the protagonist’s mentor she felt like a failure for not protecting them and cried and cried.  She was much more emotionally attached to the game than we had expected.

From there we played Back to the Future: The Game which Luciana stayed around for a little bit of but after not too long went to her room to watch YouTube and fall asleep.  The girls have been watching Cupquake videos much of the day.

Tonight it was Liesl who took control and played most of the game for us!  She is getting so good at playing any kind of game.  She played through to the end of Episode Three “Citizen Brown.”  Only two episodes left to go.