November 7, 2015: Community Management and Fallout 3

It is Saturday.  This is our quiet weekend at the house in Granada.  No plans to do anything and no desire to go anywhere either.  We don’t really even feel like going out for food.  We are pretty excited to be staying home and just taking it easy.

This morning we woke up to a power outage.  It only lasted a few minutes but this was one of those times where I got to experience the surprise of the CPAP attempting to suffocate me in my sleep.  It is an unpleasant way to make up, to be sure.  That was around four in the morning.

The power was out for ten minutes tops, probably less, so I turned the CPAP back on and went back to sleep as I was still in that state where I could jut fall right back to sleep.

By around six the power was out again and this time I just got up.

Today I put in a lot of time working on getting MangoLassi updated to NodeBB 0.9.0.  I worked with the NodeBB team for much of the day.  Lots of changes being made, issues uncovered and work to be done getting things ready for Monday morning.

Dominica made breakfast today.  Eggs and toast for me.  Eggs and potatoes for her.

Today a parrot salesman actually came to our door!  That is not something that you experience regularly.

Tonight I went out to Cafe Isabella and tried to get fish fingers for the girls.  But they ran out of all fish.  So I got them pancakes.  And a vegetarian sandwich for Dominica and a tuna melt for myself.

After dinner we sent the girls into their own room and Dominica and I set up and played Fallout 3 which we have been waiting for years to get around to playing.  We own the entire Fallout franchise (I can say that for another two days until the new game in the series, Fallout 4, releases.)  I started playing the original back in the 1990s and am trying to get back into the series now.  FO3 is the one based on the same engine as Oblivion.

We played through the entire intro to the game until we were out of the vault and out in the wastelands and nearly into Megaton.  It was fun and we have not gotten to do a game like this together in quite some time.  It is, sadly, all that my laptop is able to do to run it.  It is right at the limits of the laptop’s performance capacity and we have to have the resolution and features turned way down which sucks, but the Logitech gamepad works really well with it.

To get Fallout 3 working on my laptop took several hours of work this evening and I was pretty sure that it was not going to work at all.  I am pretty happy that it is.  This is a modern classic.

I am so looking forward to getting a new desktop in December, one that can not just play all of the games that we have but play them really well and rock them with the graphics cranked up and allow us to have our whole (or nearly our whole) collection downloaded and ready to go at once.  Between GOG and Steam we are well over six hundred games now!