October 28, 2015: Dinner Out with Liesl

I was up at five thirty this morning.  Came downstairs and did some writing before the day got started.  It is nice to be back home after five days away.  Traveling is fun but having a routine is fun too.

Ryan, who came to visit us in Spain, is coming to Nicaragua tomorrow evening to visit us.  He is going to be staying for nearly a week.

Today was relatively relaxing.  I had a morning conference call at nine.  Nothing else scheduled today.  I spent much of the day on MangoLassi getting caught up.  It is amazing what a few days on the road will do for getting me behind on things.

This afternoon I finally got Dominica and the girls to go out with me to the pasteleria around the corner.  Dominica and I got coffee, which was awesome as it was full European style espresso in a fancy coffee shop, and treats for everyone.  Dominica and I got cheese cake and each of the girls got a cupcake.

Ciana got sick this afternoon.  At first we thought that it was just constipation but by evening she had a fever.  She ended up moving up to our bedroom with the AC on and just laying in bed watching her iPad or napping for much of the day.

Today was quite hot, probably near ninety degrees.  To make matters worse, in the early evening the power went off.  That means that the fans stopped and the air conditioning that I had turned on for Ciana went off.

So I went for a walk to figure out what had happened with the power.  I only had to go one block before it was obvious that the power lines were down and people were working on them.  I saw some of the expat guys sitting at Cafe Isabella so I joined them for a beer and caught up on the local news and watched the progress on the power lines so that I would have an idea of how long it was likely to take.

I got back home and Luciana was still in bed.  Dominica and Liesl were in rocking chairs by the front door just like locals.  It was weird to find them ttha way.  Liesl decided that she wanted to go out to dinner with me tonight and that we would bring back food for Dominica.

Just as Liesl and I were about to leave, the power came back on.  So we got Ciana her AC back and before leaving we got the fridge set back up as we had had it defrosting all day.

Liesl decided that she did not want something that we had had before as she felt that we had not explored enough different food in Granada.  So we walked all over downtown and down the strip.  She eventually settled on O’Shea’s after going in and reading several menus around town.  We both got fish and chips for dinner.

The dinner was okay but nothing great.  Liesl did not really like hers so I ended up eating most of it.  While we were having dinner our bracelet seller from a few weeks ago recognized us and came over to say hello.  Liesl got an anklet from him.

After dinner we went to Nectar and ordered take out fish tacos for Dominica.  While we waited Liesl told me all about the new Mario Bros. came on the WiiU that she wants to play.  There are all of these video game channels on YouTube that she watches and learns all about new games that way.

It was a really nice evening getting to hang out with Liesl just the two of us.  We never get to do things like that.  We had a great time.

We got home and Dominica ate dinner while we watched The Nanny.  Luciana still has a fever and a tummy ache.  But with the AC on she was not as bad as she had been.

Around nine thirty everyone was in bed but I was not tired and wanted to do some writing so went down to the kitchen to sit up for a while.