October 29, 2015: Ryan Arrives in Granada

Ryan, who came to visit us while we were in Spain, is coming down to Nicaragua today and will be visiting us for the long weekend.  In Nicaragua this is a holiday weekend as Monday is Dia de los Muertes.  So Saturday through Monday is the long weekend.  Halloween is not celebrated here although from American media they are well aware of it.

Dominica spent most of the day cleaning and getting ready.  Not that much cleaning needed to be done since Johanna was here yesterday morning cleaning (and will be back in the morning before Ryan is likely to be awake.)  Having a maid, even just three times a week, is so awesome.  It is such a challenge for us to keep the house clean at the best of times.  Nine hours of cleaning a week does wonders for us and makes it so that we easily keep the place reasonably clean the rest of the time.

I did posting and writing all day.  It was relatively slow today.

Ryan flew from Newark, New Jersey down to Atlanta and then from Atlanta to Managua on Delta.  It is good to know that direct flights from Atlanta are easy to get to here, although I suspect that we will stick to United and AeroMexico flights for access to most of Central America.

Ryan had been planning on coming down to Granada from Managua on the bus but his flight was cutting it pretty close and so decided to just book a taxi instead for sixty dollars American.  Better safe than sorry even though it is a lot more expensive.

Ryan’s flight ended up landing a little early and he was at out house a bit before we expected.   I had never even managed to getting around to showering because everyone else had done so before me so I had been waiting for hours.

Since Ryan had been traveling all day we decided to go out and see the city a little.  We started by going down to the corner store where, right next door, Taco Stop was open.  Liesl and I had seen this opening two nights ago and Luciana and I saw it last night.  I’ve been watching the Taco Stop being built since we first arrived.  I am interested in checking it out.

So we stopped and go tacos.  They were really good. We tried both the hard and the soft tacos.  Ryan has been mostly vegetarian for a while now so we eat mostly the same things.

On the way downtown from the Taco Stop we had to deal with really persistent prostitutes chasing us down the street.  Such a weird place.  This is the first that I have seen any in Nicaragua.  The travel books talk about it a lot but apparently it is only downtown and only late at night.  It was after eleven by this point, probably the latest that I have been downtown yet.

Not much was open.  We started going to the south side of town.  The Philosopher’s bar was open and empty.  We went in and got a beer.  Nothing special.  It was completely dead so we did not stay for another.

We meant to head back to the house but I wanted to show Ryan the strip and while doing so ran into my waiter from the other night with Liesl at O’Shea’s so we stopped there and have Nica Libres before walking back to the house.

On the walk back to the house we discovered a twenty four hour pharmacy, which is good to know about.