December 14, 2015: Celebrating Liesl’s Seventh Birthday

Today is Monday and dad’s last full day here in Galveston.  He is heading back to New York tomorrow.

Dominica and I both slept in this morning.  It was nearly eight when we got up.  We were tired.  I did some posting this morning until ten.  Everyone just sat around till ten when Dominica and I took the Chevy Malibu and returned it to Enterprise Rent-a-Car down the street.

On the way back we stopped at Randall’s to do some quick grocery shopping.  We needed to get a birthday cake for Liesl because we are going to celebrate her birthday tonight!  It is our last chance to do that.

We got home and pretty soon thereafter set out for the Golden Corral for some lunch.  Dad has not had a chance to go there yet.  We had a very good lunch.  The girls love getting the variety.  Liesl especially loves Golden Corral’s broccoli.

It was a busy day of posting for me.  MangoLassi maintained its massive performance all day with 145K views for the day!  That is just crazy.

So I was busy at the laptop nearly all day.  We had the door open today, a nice breeze all day.

Dominica and Liesl got in a full day of school today.  Luciana played a lot of video games today.  Mostly “Lego Worlds”.

Dad went for a walk over to Walmart this afternoon to get a can opener as the one in this condo is just unusable.  It is totally broken and does not open anything.

We celebrated Liesl’s birthday tonight.  She had her pink princess cake and got her big present – a Minecraft stop motion video kit.  Both she and Luciana are super excited about it.

Dominica cooked chili for dinner.  Once the chili was cooking down, Liesl requested the evening be spent watching The Book of Life because she wanted to show it to grandpa.  It is possibly her favourite movie.  She was squealing, she was so happy as she watched it.