December 16, 2015: Gaming Day for the Girls

Got up around seven this morning.  We were covered in fog.  Totally fogged up.  When I sat down at the dining room table to get to writing today the fog was so thick that I could barely make out the cars on the road right in front of the condo (that is the Galveston Seawall.)  Within fifteen minutes the fog had suddenly pushed back and it was dark here, but completely clear but we were encased in a wall of fog not far out to sea.  Totally gorgeous.  By eight the wall of fog had blown so far out that I could just see the oil rigs out on the horizon in the clear area with us and the wall of the clouds behind them.  What a great morning.  It was the perfect temperature to have the door open as well, so fresh air.

Dominica tried gaming this morning before the girls got up.  After a year or more I have finally motivated her to fire up Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or KOTOR as it is known.  She only played the first tiny bit of it and it is clear that we need to figure out our audio issues with our gaming system before she proceeds.  But at least she has a character and the game fires up.  Now maybe she will work her way through it once we are settled in Greece.

Today was a big gaming day for the girls.  Since we got the second Steam Controller last night the girls wanted to try it out today.  Dominica was not up for doing school today so the girls got the day off.  Liesl actually wanted to do school but was happy to play games all day.

The girls started with Lego World.  But they quickly went on to the Lego the Movie which is a two player game.  There was a lot of fighting but they played well for a long time.  Having two controllers is going to be a very good thing.   They were very happy about the games.

After a few hours on that game, Liesl moved to Lego Harry Potter Years 1-3.  Between Liesl, Luciana and Dominica they played for at least five hours today on that game!

Liesl and Luciana Playing Lego Games on Steam
The girls love their Steam Controllers.

Today was my big day for setting things up in the lab.  Got the new Scale Cluster up and running and now I am building a new Linux Mint terminal server to use as a jump box for accessing it.  I did a lot of lab work today, that kept me busy nearly all day.

It was pretty much a family gaming day.  The girls pretty much played video games, mostly together and sometimes apart, until it was time for bed!  They just camped out on the couch and gamed like crazy.  This Steam system was a great investment.  This is going to work out really well.