December 8, 2015: Dad Comes to Texas

Today is Tuesday.  I got up this morning after sleeping for eleven hours!  I feel much better.  Still slightly tired but overall, pretty good.  I’ve caught up enough for today to be fine.

Super busy morning online.  Tons of posting and activity.

Francesca came this morning.  It is her last day hanging out at the condo with us.

Quiet day, we spent a lot of time sitting outside because it was so nice today.

At three thirty I hopped in the car and drove up to Hobby International (my first time to it since it became an “international” airport) and picked up dad. His flight was originally supposed to land at 4:06.  But then it got moved up and we expected him at 3:56.  But he didn’t actually land until a quarter after four.

He had a good flight.  I was able to wait just before the passenger pick up spot and we were right onto the road to head down to Galveston.  This is dad’s first time in this part of the state.  He has been to Dallas but only via a flight so has never driven around an extended portion of Texas.  Even after flying in today he has not really seen Houston since Hobby is so far outside of the city and we drove right away from it.

We were back at the condo by five.  We did an early dinner going to Kitty’s Seaside Cafe and eating there.  Dad is always very hungry after his flight.  We sat in the back room instead of the front room where we always have been before.  They have an eight person table back there, which is handy.  It is so nice, for us, that the season is so slow because we really have the restaurant to ourselves.

Dinner was awesome and we learned that Miss Kitty is from West Monroe, LA, which explains her accent and the style of food, which is just amazing.  She has owned the restaurant for about a year.