November 22, 2015: The Brady Bunch

Dominica made dinner, at attempt to use what produce we have as much as possible.  There is so much still to go through and we only have one week left in our house in Granada in which to eat it and we have a fridge that is completely full of food to use up.  It is going to be rather a significant challenge to eat that much produce in that little time.  We have told our produce lady that we are going to be moving out soon and that we cannot handle any more food.  I am sure that she is sad, we have been a major source of income for her for the past two months.

We got things worked out so that we are moving out next Monday early in the morning.  We will be heading up into the mountains again to go to Jinotega and spending most of our time between our house here no longer being available and our time to return to the US up in the mountains.  We are looking forward to some cooler weather.  We have adapted well to the heat of Granada but that does not mean that we love it or that we don’t notice it still.

This evening we did family movie night and watched The Brady Bunch after putting in a bit of time searching for classic television shows that Dominica and I grew up with and finding very few – what is it about the good shows from when we were young that almost none are available in any format.  There must be people who would want to watch Who’s the Boss, Growing Pains, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley and more.  These were very popular shows when we were young and did much to define the 1980s.  We cannot be the only people who are interested in getting to watch them and yet there appears to be no means of seeing them anywhere.  It seems like the owners of the IP simply hate their potential customers and would rather not make money on the material than see us getting to enjoy it.  It isn’t like they don’t get revenue when they put that out on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.  We would happily watch commercials to see those shows and our kids could grow up with them and find them nostalgic and want to rewatch them as adults as well, but that opportunity, as well, is being thrown away.

Thankfully, The Brady Bunch at least is available and Liesl absolutely loved it.  We were really surprised just how much she enjoyed it.  It is a goofy show and it is from a long time ago but she was really into it.  Luciana not so much, she decided to take her iPad and go into her own room rather than watch the show with us.  Liesl had to be sent to bed once we were done with it, she would have stayed up watching it all night had we let her.