November 27, 2015: Watching the Kids on Liesl’s Birthday

Today is my baby Liesl’s seventh brithday!  She had slept with me last night and slept in long after I had gotten up.  At one point she was asleep and I went to check on Luciana and when I returned Liesl was wide awake with a huge smile on her face.  I said “Happy Birthday” and she was ready to explode.  She is so excited about being seven.

I had a talk with her about how she was was not going to get to celebrate her birthday today or really even get to see her mom.  She was so understanding even though she does not know what is going on. She is so mature and sweet.  Such a good girl.

Dominica was already gone this morning when the girls and I got up at the Toccos.  We got up relatively early and went over to the Grices.  I am the only adult around for the bulk of the day.  Everyone was gone by the time that we arrived.  Madeline and Emily were watching the little ones.

Once we arrived, the four little ones ran off to play together. Madeline and Garrett were playing games on the Wii when I arrived.

I set up my laptop in the media room and nearly everyone played video games for much of the day.  We tried a lot of games.  I even got Madeline into the Back to the Future: The Game which she played for hours.  All of the kids moved into the media room and watched her play for a long time.  She has never really played video games before and definitely none like this and she had a good time.

It was a long, rough day.  I took care of getting dinner for the kids.  We got Panda Express, of course, because it is Liesl’s birthday and she got to pick.

I made two trips out to the hospital.  One to do deliveries early in the evening and later, when I was taking the girls home to go to bed at night we stopped by again so that Dominica could see the girls at least once and say happy birthday to Liesl, our little trooper.

The hospital decided to keep Francesca tonight.  So Dominica is sleeping at the hospital tonight, too.  Bennie went back late at night to stay there and I took our girls back to Joe’s.

It was a late night for my girls getting them back to go to bed.  We were exhausted by the time we got to bed.  Both girls decided to sleep with me tonight.  Luciana did not want to be alone.

I can’t believe that my little Liesl is seven now.  She is getting so old and growing up so much.  And she did such a great job today even though she did not get any real presents or anything.

When we got back to the house I gave Liesl a Lego Minecraft set that Emily and I had found today to surprise Liesl with.  Liesl and Luciana were both really excited about it and spent a while putting some of it together tonight before bed.  But much of it will be saved for later.