November 29, 2015: Our New Condo

It is Sunday.  Our first day in our “new home.”  With this move, for the first time, we are treating Texas just like any other foreign destination and we have rented a home here in exactly the same way that we have rented in Spain, Panama and Nicaragua and this is our first day in it.

Today was our down day.  Nothing scheduled and we need some time to just relax and have Miller family time.  It was a short day for us, we all slept in late needing time to catch up a bit.  We’ve been pretty tired and the stress is catching up quickly.

For lunch today, we ventured out and explored our condo complex.  Right in the centre of it is a place called Kitty’s Seaside Café which is awesome.  So easy to get to, just a quick walk without needing to leave the complex at all.  Unfortunately it is not in the same building as us so we need to go down to the ground floor and walk outside between buildings to get to it, but it is as close as could be.  Kitty’s is open six days a week (closed on Mondays) and is a diner with a large menu including breakfast all day and lots of shrimp options.

We did a late breakfast today.  The girls got pancakes and Dominica and I both got enormous omelets.  Dominica also discovered that they do biscuits and gravy with a vegetarian gravy.  So excited, that is something that we have not been able to get in a very long time.  The girls liked their food and ate well, too.

This evening I ran Dominica up to the Grices’.  We hung out for a while before leaving.  She is going to spend the night there so that she can get the kids off to school in the morning and will likely hang out there for the day.  Then the girls and I returned to the condo for an evening together.

Liesl requested Panda Express so I stopped there and picked up food on the way back down to Galveston.  That was at five.  Liesl still loves their chow mein and I am always happy to splurge on some honey walnut shrimp for me.  Panda threw in two fortune cookies so each girl could have one.  They love their fortune cookies.

Mario, a friend from SpiceWorld, was in town this evening and thinking about stopping by.

So I set up Liesl with hidden object games on the Fire TV.  Liesl was so cute about the games, she knew that those were “relaxing games” and she knew that the idea this evening was to just relax and rest and so she said that she wanted to play them this evening in order to relax.  She is adorable.  She also “gamed” the games in a matter of seconds figuring out that she could click wildly all over the screen and get nearly all of the hidden objects immediately without needing to actually look for them or get up from the couch.  So she spent a few hours doing that and had a very good time.  She did so well that she completely beat her first game and had me get her a second one so that she could play that one as well.

Luciana spent the evening playing Disney Princess games on the laptop sitting at the dining room table.  She loves her collection of Disney Princess games and can really play them.  They make her very happy and her video game skills are improving quickly.  We are very thankful that we bought this game collection.

I spent the evening getting the condo all cleaned up and put away.  After a few hours the place was pretty much spotless.  There were no toys out, no clothes out, no luggage out.  Everything was away and neat.  It looked like it was in “show condition.”

Mario ended up having to run back home as his young son got a fever while they were out tonight.  So it was just the girls and me all evening.

Luciana ended up demanding to go to sleep in a coat tonight.  She is so goofy.