January 10, 2016: Insomnia and Gaming Day

No sleep for me, whatsoever.  Not even ten minutes.  Got out of bed around give and went to the office for probably half an hour and then, once I was caught up on everything since I had attempted sleeping, I went down to the media room and set up the gaming rig and got to work on some games.

First up was the final two puzzles of HexCells Infinite which I blasted through quickly, completing that game.  Then I hunted around for something new to star that I thought that I would be able to get through in a day.  I settled on The Perils of Man and got to it.

That took nearly nine hours, but I made it to the end.  The game was excellent.  Fun, the puzzles were  a bit hard given how tired I was, but the storytelling was really well done and well paced.  I enjoyed it and Liesl snuggled with me and watched the last couple of hours with me.  The whole thing was quite original and the Swiss setting was a neat touch (the game was made in Switzerland, won several Swiss awards and was sponsored by Swiss Re.)

I did some posting this evening after the game was completed, but it ate up most of my day. Once I was done playing it the girls used the Steam gaming system to play Castaway Paradise and The Secret of the Magic Crystals.  That tied it up for several hours.

I managed to get to bed before eleven, about four hours before the earliest that I have managed since being in Greece.  The girls have been asking and asking for me to sleep in the loft with them some night.  Since I was going to bed early I figured that tonight would be a good night for it.  So I set up my CPAP up there early and got to bed about an hour before the girls came to bed.  They stayed in the lower part of their room playing together for a while before coming up.  Luciana threw a fit and said that she did not fit on the bed and made me make her a bed on the floor.  But an hour or two after I fell asleep she decided that there was room and moved onto the bed to snuggle.