January 13, 2016: Scripting Day

Now it was Dominica’s turn to have insomnia last night.  We were both up until at least five in the morning.  I have no idea when she fell asleep.  So we ended up sleeping in until around eleven.

Today was a lazy day at home.  Homeschooling for Liesl.  Dominica discovered a book about some people that travel a little like us so she was into that all day and we barely saw her at all.

I did some scripting today and posting.  It was a busy day but one with no real events.  Nothing to really discuss, but lots of stuff was accomplished.

January is just flying by.  I guess it is the jet lag, mostly.  In some ways it seems like we have just gotten to Greece, I mean we haven’t gone anywhere or done anything yet at all.  But in other ways it feels very much like home and we are fully settled in and this is just where we live now and it does not seem odd in the least.  I guess the year of travelling has already caused us to alter our sense of normal and this feels very normal now.  We are nearly at the end of our second week in Greece!

Luciana has taken to bringing her Amazon Fire tablet up to my work loft (which sits above the living room directly over the little alcove with the couch where Liesl likes to sit) and putting on headphones and sitting beside me at the desk watching her YouTube shows.

I have our new family travel blog website set up.  The design is not done at all yet, so that needs to be addressed, but at least it is set up and we can start getting some blog entries out.  We’ve also renamed our travel community.  The old links still work but the new one is: dontforgettopackthekids.com

I stayed up late working on some BASH scripting and did my first of my own code hosting on GitHub.  I’ve used GitHub a lot, as we worked with it all last year, and I have had my own account for a while but this was my first time posting one of my own projects there.  Very tiny and no big deal at all, but it is nice to have it set up and doing something.