January 17, 2016: All About Minecraft Pocket Edition

Sunday.  I got up and started by day with a quiet bit of Squarecells.  It’s a great way to get your brain to wake up in the morning.  Peaceful and relaxing yet invigorating.  Makes you have to think.

Luciana got up early and came down to play Goat Simulator with me.  She is so cute how she likes to play this game with me.  We just run all over the place and blow things up.  It is a perfect game for her as there is no objective and you never really get hurt.

Playing Goat Simulator with Ciana

Today’s big project for me is building a PocketMine Server so that the kids can all play Minecraft Pocket Edition (the version that comes on the Amazon Fires, iPads, iPhones, the Fire TV and the Windows 10 Edition) with each other as a multiplayer thing.

That took a bit of the day, especially as I am not familiar with Minecraft at all, but I got it working and it seems to work really well.  We were able to test it in the house using the Fires and the Fire TV.  It works and we can get the girls into a game.  The nice thing about having a server is that their game world is persistent and it is shared so that they can play together rather than each playing their own, disconnected, game.  If this works as planned, and it should since we are connecting remotely to a server in New York and not running anything out of the house, their cousins should be able to all connect from their Amazon Fires as well letting all six of the cousins play Minecraft Pocket Edition online together, which is very cool.  When they are in Texas they often see Garrett and Clara playing online with a friend on the PS3.  Now they can all play together.  Playing on the tablets is a little weak, but on the Fire TV it works beautifully just like the PS3 version, maybe better, and the new Windows 10 Edition Beta looks to be like that.  If we only had multiple Fire TVs, lol.

The girls did not play Minecraft tonight, but it is ready for them when they are ready to do it.  Now that there is a server, maybe I will try playing it myself and see what this game is all about.