January 19, 2016: School Problems

Luciana was the first one awake this morning at eight o’clock.  She was so excited to get her chance to really play The Sims 3 today that she got up with less than seven hours of sleep!  I have never seen her do that before.  The rest of us attempted to keep sleeping and Luciana tried to talk us into getting up because it was morning.  She was not going to be successful until the slats in our bed moved and fell out causing the bed to fall.  That woke us up very quickly!  We were lucky, they had only moved and fallen, nothing had broken.  So a few minutes later the bed was repaired, but everyone was wide awake now.

So first thing was to head down to the gaming room and set Luciana up.  She played for probably two hours before she decided that she was done and migrated to the living room, put on some IHasCupquake and promptly fell asleep.  Liesl took over in the gaming room and played The Sims 3 for several more hours until the late afternoon.

I had a productive morning up in my office with the quiet afforded by Dominica napping in the game room with Liesl and Luciana napping all morning.  So the house was more or less mine.

Sun came out this morning after it rained all night.  Still chilly but bright.  The heat is on in the house.

I started attempting to work through a two plus year backlog of private messages on Spiceworks.  I have well over a thousand messages there.  It is going to take forever to catch up on them.

Today ended up being a really tough day for Liesl with home school.  For a while it has been a struggle to get her to want to do it and she fights and complains.  Today she said that she is never in the mood to do school.  So we decided that we have to crack down quite a bit.  Starting tonight she has to be in bed early and she is getting woken up tomorrow early (ish) and school is going to be an all day affair, more school that if she was in a classroom without any breaks and without the flexible schedule.  That will be good for Dominica, too, who has a tendency to use Liesl’s desire for a flexible schedule to procrastinate herself and both she and Liesl are unhappy having school being the last thing remaining in the day instead of knocked out in the morning.  So tomorrow is going to be interesting.

I played a few rounds of Quell before going to bed.  It is good.  I am going to enjoy working through that series of puzzle games.