January 27, 2016: Travel Too Suspicious For Travel Phones

The sun was gone today and we are back to rainy and dreary.  That did not last long.  It was great yesterday.  So, of course, we are not dealing with the car today because that would mean taking it for a journey to make sure that it was charged and we do not want to bundle up the girls and try to take them somewhere when it is cold and rainy, especially if we were to go try to see ruins or something.

We did need some supplies today, though, as we are out of money having spent the last of our cash last night on groceries.  So shortly after getting up I set out and walked to the far side of our next door village to get cash from the nearest ATM and then I went grocery shopping at the big grocery there and got a few bags of groceries to carry back to our house.  That took some time but we are now stocked and don’t have to worry about money for a while.  One ATM run can last us a couple weeks.

While I was out Dominica tried to call to line up someone to deal with our car and figured out, while doing so, that the reason that we have not had service for our phones is not because there is no service, but because our phones had been shut off!  So she called Danielle and Danielle looked into it and apparently T-Mobile decided that while we were on a traveller plan for phones, using them in places like Crete was just too suspicious so they decided to shut the account off, you know, to protect us.  Ugh.  So they is getting resolved.

I had to go to the local corner store this evening, too.  While I was there Dominica managed to talk to Greenways from where we have rented our car and they said that they would come up in the morning and take care of everything.  That will be much less stressful.  So we are feeling good.  We have cash, the car is being dealt with and our phones are back on.

We made frozen pizzas for dinner, since I had gotten them at the grocery.  Just a quiet evening.

Tonight we tried letting the girls stay up a little later to see if it would help them get to sleep faster, but they had to hang out with us in the media room and watch Keeping Up Appearances.  They agreed and it worked well.  We had some great family time watching a show that helped us to all wind down and relax.