January 4, 2015: First Weekday in Greece

Dominica and I were up with alarms at nine this morning.  That was a bit of a struggle.  The jet lag is still kicking our butts.  It was painful trying to get out of bed at that time.  Dominica ran around the house cleaning for at least half an hour because the owner, who is also the architect, of the house was coming at ten to look into the issues with the boiler after we were unable to figure out how to get the radiators working from the discussion on the phone yesterday.

villa sofia view
View from the Villa Sofia

He arrived at ten.  He is a local, retired architect.  We got the history of the house.  He bought it hoping to move here but after he was done with the house his wife did not want to live the city which is not far away.  He modified the house to make his son, who had met us to let us into the house the other day, want to live in the house in the hopes of getting two votes for moving but his son went off to university in England and now that he has recently graduated has moved to Athens and is not going to live on the island.  So this likely means that we are the closest thing to someone actually living in the house, ever.  That’s weird.

After spending an hour or more working on the radiators and then on the boiler the owner finally gave up and called for a mechanic to come and look at it all.  So he left for a few hours while he waited for the mechanic to come.

I relaxed this morning.  Played some HexCells Infinite and then Fallout 3.

Dominica and I ran to the corner store to return the plate that was lent to us yesterday and picked up some trash bags while we were there.  So glad to have a corner store a few feet away again.  We have certainly missed that!

It was early when the mechanic came and got the boiler fixed.  We were very glad that it was not us being clueless Americans and not being able to figure out how the radiators worked.  When even the owner did not know how they worked we felt much better.

Dominica ended up napping for much of the afternoon getting in at least two hours on the couch downstairs.  While she was napping I did some posting on MangoLassi and simultaneously played a little more of Fallout 3.  I have been away from posting for several days and am very behind.  Trying to get caught up a little bit.  I need to get caught up on SGL, too.

The girls slept until five. Five in the evening!  The jet lag is very severe.  Not only did we travel eight time zones but it was a very exhausting process.  Put all together it is really messing with everyone.

I set the girls up to play games in the living room and I moved to the kitchen to use Dominica’s laptop to really get work done.  Luciana used the gaming rig to play Minecraft for a little bit but then gave up and moved to her Kindle Fire and Dominica took over so that she could play Castle, the hidden object game that dad completed the other day.

I have a really rough sinus infection today.  I’ve had it the last couple of days but all of the walking yesterday made it hard to notice as that kind of activity and being out in the rain and humidity all day made it feel pretty decent.  Today being inside all day and being mostly sedentary it is really awful.

Dominica made a lentil stew for dinner that we had with the whole wheat bread that I bought yesterday.  It was good.  Liesl ate a little of it.  Luciana refused and got no dinner.

I worked all evening.  Dominica completed Castle and then went on to play twenty minutes of Escape the Museum but was not into it so she moved on to Sharpe Investigations: Death on the Seine.

Dominica ended up beating that game too and then went on to play the Runaway Express Mystery which was much longer and kept her playing until after four in the morning, but she finished that one, too!  Three games down in a single day. People wonder why we have so many games, this is why.  Once Dominica gets going, she eats through games like crazy.  And the girls play lots of them at once and are making progress on several themselves.  Liesl started playing Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two yesterday and is liking it.  She will be through that in no time, I am sure.  Luciana is very much into her princess games, Goat Simulator and Minecraft.

We had huge Luciana eating issues today.  She kept asking for food and then refusing to eat it.  This went on for hours.  She got in all kinds of trouble and ended up spending easily an hour sitting at the dining room table staring at lentils that she refused to eat.  This is after sitting with the family during dinner and refusing to try anything.  She ended up going to bed losing all of her toys, having to sleep alone, no food and looking forward to tomorrow being a day of sitting at the dining room table staring at lentils again.  Liesl is good about trying food and eating what she requests.  It would not be so bad if Ciana was picky but would at least eat the things that she asks for, but she does not even do that.  She often asks for food and then won’t touch it.  We have to break her of that.