February 10, 2016: Another Night Without Sleep

As often happens for us here we all had problems getting to sleep last night.  Luciana got me up, just as I was drifting off, to go get her something from the main floor of the house. Once I did that I knew that falling back asleep was not in the cards so I just got up at a quarter after four in the morning.  I have learned that lesson.  Trying to sleep when you are not tired enough to fall asleep just wastes what little time you have neither sleeping nor doing the things that you want to do.  There are far better ways to spend your time.

I ended up feeling pretty decent and worked all night on writing and some Linux system updates that needed to be done.  It was a very productive morning.

I made the morning coffee around six!  Luciana came down very early in the morning, around nine which is very odd for her, and hung out with me for a while.  She ended up mostly camping out in front of the TV on the big chair and semi-napping there.

I had a busy day of writing and was tied up most of the day.

Late tonight Dominica and I got some time to play Highrise Heroes, which we are enjoying playing together.  Tonight we managed to beat one level with a single, awesome word!

highrise heroes
Highrise Heroes, Beat a Level with a Single “Powerful” Word!