February 11, 2016: First Trip to a Greek Pharmacy

Back on a more normal schedule today having gotten real sleep last night.  It has been cold much of the time that we have been in Greece but today is a nice, warm day and we have all of the windows open and are enjoying the sun and fresh air.

We all worked for a while this morning.  I did my writing, Dominica and Liesl did school.

This afternoon we needed to make a run to a pharmacy for some medicine.  We did some searching online and found that it looks like basic antibiotics are available over the counter in Greece so we are going to run to a pharmacy before going to see a doctor to see if we need to go to the doctor at all.    It would be so nice if things were really that easy.

We drove to the next town and went to the large pharmacy on the far side of town.  I knew exactly where it was after many times walking and driving by it, it is near our grocery store there, and it is a big location with its own parking lot (holds two cars) so it seemed like it would be the place to start.

It has been a while since we have all taken a trip together in the car.  It was almost a treat!

The pharmacy was great.  They were friendly, helpful, spoke English well and were able to get us what we needed right there and it was fast and not expensive at all.  Luciana was scared of going to see a doctor and so this helped a lot.  She equates doctors with getting shots.

That was quick, easy and painless.  So we stopped at the grocery store on the way back as well.  That made this a very convenient trip as we really needed to go to the big grocery store anyway.  We loaded up the trunk with food and went back home.

I had a busy evening of writing and did not manage to knock off from posting until one in the morning when Luciana and I played some Goat Simulator together.  Tonight we managed to get one of the elusive golden goats that sits way up on a power line!


goat simulator
Goat Simulator Power Line