February 17, 2016: Luciana Moves to Fever

And thus begins the final week of my thirties.  Now there is a weird thought.

I was up at eleven thirty, a little bit earlier than we have been getting up, and I did my daily routine of walking around the house opening every door and window.  It is glorious outside.  I stood on the terrace for a little bit enjoying it.  So wonderfully nice.  In the low seventies (about twenty two Celsius) with sun and a light breeze and a hazy mist hitting the peninsula at Chania to the west off of the Aegean.

With the wind down today, the house is filled with the sound of chirping birds and the never ending sound of distant barking dogs and crowing roosters.  For some reason, both of those go around the clock.  Very distant, but they are always there.  And once in a while you hear sheep talking to one another.

Luciana has not been sick to her stomach for a full day now, but she still makes us keep her “bin” beside her wherever she goes and today she started to develop a low grade fever. She was pretty icky all day and had around a 101 fever by the end of the day.  We are guessing that she has the flu, it started as a moderate cough, which I have as well, and had just a tiny bit of nausea and is now a fever and generally achenes.

We all went to bed very early tonight.  When I took Luciana up to bed I told her that I would sleep in her room with her if she wanted and unlike her normal response she said, “Well, I would really like you to.” So I moved my CPAP into the girls’ room and slept on the big convertible bed in with Luciana and Liesl slept with Dominica.