February 20, 2016: Luciana Feeling Better

We were all very tired here this morning in the Miller household.  But thank goodness we woke up and Luciana was feeling well.  No fever today at all and she was her regular, happy self.

My first order of business was driving to the pharmacy in the next town to get her antibiotics and more of Dominica’s acid reflux medication.  Like our other European medical experiences, this was easy and cheap.  No wait whatsoever, had the medicine the moment that I walked in the door and the antibiotics was just four Euros and Dominica’s acid reflux stuff was thirteen Euros for more than double the volume that she gets for seventeen dollars at the CVS in Texas.  So a bit better than half the price!

It was a lovely day, but only I went out for the drive.  I got back and Luciana took her medicine right away.  Then I went to the grocery store and got us supplies for dinner.  Mostly potatoes so that Dominica can make her corn and potato soup again.

Liesl played Castaway Paradise for a while this afternoon.  She made huge progress and opened up new areas of the game.  She was super excited about that.  Luciana just hung out in her little spot under my work loft and watched videos until she fell asleep.  She is feeling much better but is still pretty run down and needs a lot of sleep.  But she is very clearly on the road to recovery.

I did a bit of writing and stuff this afternoon.  Got three new “sections” of my Linux Administration book done today.  Working hard today to catch up on stuff as yesterday was basically a lost day completely.

The girls were both on the tired side.  Luciana slept much of the afternoon.  Dominica was pretty run down, too.  She made dinner, made sure that Luciana got her second dose of medicine and then went to bed to try to get some sleep by ten!

The girls watching Glitter Force together on Netflix this evening.  That is Liesl’s new favourite show.

Around eleven this evening our beautiful, mild day turning into a crazy storm.  Some rain and wind that was blowing stacks of metal chairs around outside.  We dropped from about seventy two degrees during the day to fifty five at night in about one hour.  Storms can roll in very quickly when you live on the sea.

What is really amazing is that it was a ninety degree difference between us here in Greece and back home in New York less than a week ago.  Watertown, New York, we heard, was the world’s coldest city one day, even!  Everyone back home was buried under snow and bitter cold.  Now it is five degrees warmer there than here, right now!

The storm lasted into the night.  All of our metal chairs outside were blown all around and the noise was incredible.  Living out on an island does make for a lot of wind potential.