February 4, 2016: Minecraft Gone

Dominica got up this morning and updated out Steam machine with the new Steam update which also updated the Steam controllers.  They have dimmer lights on them, play different sounds and have travelling configurations on them now.  A nice upgrade.

I spent the morning writing and posting, as usual. The girls talked me into playing Minecraft PE with them, it’s rare that we find time to do this but it is so much fun playing it online as a family.

The Minecraft PE clients on our devices updated today, breaking the PocketMine server.  We are really bummed.  The girls are quite upset. So no more Minecraft PE for us until PocketMine is able to get things set up to work with the latest version of the clients. No fun.  We barely got into playing that and now we have lost it.

I had a long conference call today and then wrote all evening.  Tonight the girls and I played Puzzler World for a few hours together.  Liesl is getting much better at sudoku.