February 8, 2016: Two Grocery Runs and a Night of Video Games

It is Monday and was a pretty busy day for me.  I posted and wrote all morning.  Liesl had school today, of course.

This evening, we were pretty low on food stocks, and Dominica is still not up to walking even to the car, so I drove to the nearby village on my own and did the grocery shopping at the “big” store there.  It was already dark by the time that I drove out there.  This is the second time that the car has gone anywhere since getting the battery replaced.

As per usual, we needed more groceries later so I had to walk to the store on the corner just before they closed as well.  I feel like I must average a trip to a grocery store more than once per day.

I worked pretty solidly until just after eleven.  Luciana was very excited when I told her that I would be able to play games with her.  She requested Goat Simulator and so we played that as a two player game for about an hour.  She just loves that game.  We have twenty five hours logged to that game at this point!  We really need to get more controllers because Liesl could play at the same time with us, too.

After that we put in Puzzler World at the request of both girls and we played for a while on the simpler games that the girls can do.  After a while of those they ran out and begged Dominica to come join us for more difficult word games. So she came in and we played the harder games for a while.

Then I played High Rise Heroes which I played last night as well, Dominica decided to stay and then the girls climbed onto the bed with me and Luciana fell asleep and Liesl relaxed.  Dominica got hooked and we ended up playing it until four in the morning!  It’s a fun game and good puzzle solving.