January 30, 2016: Minecraft PE

Status on Dominica’s ankle today is that she is slightly improved and can hobble around when necessary but she cannot walk on it flat yet and is still going to be in bed all day.  This sprain or twist is definitely worse than the one in Seville was last year.

So it is Saturday and we are not going to be travelling this weekend.  Or, I would guess, any time soon.  This puts rather a damper on our plans.  We are already talking about scaling back all of our travel plans and only seeing Crete while we are here and not taking any time to see mainland Greece.  Which is disappointing but really, we have limited time for just travelling around anyway.

I got Minecraft Pocket Edition set up today so that the girls and I could play it together online on the PocketMine server that I have running now.  We played for hours, it was so much fun.  This is the first time that we have been able to play any game all together online like this.  Luciana used Dominica’s laptop, I used the Fire TV and Liesl used one of the Fire tablets.  Being able to build stuff together in a shared, persistent game world is super fun.  The girls were so happy that we got this working.  This is going to be great for us as a family.

Tonight I walked down and ordered dinner at the taverna down the street and they delivered dinner up to the house.  It was, as expected, completely amazing.  They even delivered it in their own, personal Tupperware that I need to bring back to them tomorrow!